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Bloom Protocol

Bloom uses public-private key encryption underpinning blockchain technology to verify customer identity and to attest to the accuracy of credit history without storing consumer raw data on its servers. Users maintain full ownership and control of their data, drastically reducing the inherent risks of centralised data collection, storage and transmission that is common among credit bureaus (i.e. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and financial institutions.


Wrisk is giving personal insurance a long overdue digital upgrade. It allows its customers to manage different types of insurance seamlessly through a single app and helps them to understand how they are priced and what they can do to reduce their risk. Wrisk is insurance for the connected generation

We weren’t sure of what to expect from a corporate incubator, but the BMW Innovation Lab proved to be an incredibly valuable experience for us. It offers a symbiotic relationship, centred around both parties providing the next generation of innovative, efficient, and digital-first customer experiences. The benefits are not just restricted to time spent in the Lab. Through the strong working relationship we have formed, we are now working with BMW to transform approaches to car insurance.

Niall Barton, Co-founder of Wrisk


Supermoney is developing a unique digital wallet. In-store and online, customers can pay with a simple QR scan. The product runs on a system of smart contracts that effectively and efficiently manage counterparty risk, protecting both buyer and seller. The contracts are deployed on a permissioned blockchain called Superledger. The solution permits full automation of the transaction lifecycle from order to delivery. Superledger is an encrypted, distributed payments network that allows financial institutions to issue digital cash and other digital assets in the form of tokens.

Motion Auto

Motion Auto Insurance is modern insurance for the modern world. Fully programmatic, embeddable, insurance-as-a-service delivered from directly inside your mobile app for the gig/ sharing economy, new modes of vehicle ownership, and autonomous driving tech. New tech has fundamentally shifted the world of transportation, but auto insurance hasn’t changed since the dawn of the automobile. These new modes of business models, ownership, and safety tech require the slicing and dicing of insurance policies in such a way that you’re only paying for insurance when you need, as you need, and you’re not paying for anything else. It also requires a fully modern tech stack to properly crunch and underwrite using all the data we now have at our disposal.



CarLabs has created a cognitive, conversational AI-powered platform (PaaS) for automating and enhancing sales and marketing in the automotive vertical. Its solution offers car buyers a dramatically simplified shopping experience that significantly increases conversions and return on marketing spend for car sellers. Its patent-pending technology creates intelligent, highly scalable, 1:1 conversations between car buyers and sellers. Think Siri, Cortana or Alexa for Cars.