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Drover’s mobility platform is powered by an online marketplace that bridges the gap between short-term car rental companies and long term lease providers, giving customers flexible access to cars. Their technology platform provides a ‘one stop shop’ for drivers and vehicle suppliers alike. Drover offers a state-of-the-art bookings platform combined with a free fleet management tool for suppliers, that includes a sophisticated telematics integration, predictive maintenance, PCN management, electronic driver onboarding and background checking, a payments and invoicing engine and a comprehensive insurance offer as part of every booking.

Many incubators simply offer to open doors to stakeholders, or provide a space to develop a proof of concept to go and secure funding. The BMW Innovation Lab is different. It offers real business outcomes. Working at the 2016 Innovation Lab saw us meet directly with stakeholders, and learn the concerns and needs of our customers. This means we can tailor our offering to the market. Long term, we are excited to continue to build on the legacy of the Lab and work with BMW on new applications.

Felix Leuschner, Founder and CEO of Drover